5 tips for c-store success

The Next Generation of Ready to Eat

Building a Bridge to C-Store Success that Appeals the Next Generation

Gone are the days when convenience store food simply meant a quick snack or a cup of coffee on the go. When combined, Millennials and Gen Z outnumber every other age bracket and are the driving force behind food sales at convenience stores. These younger generations have ushered in a new era, turning convenience stores into unexpected hubs of culinary delight. Affinity Group is here to help operators drive sales by sharing our insights into the next generation of ready to eat foods that will motivate young shoppers to make their operation a daily destination.

The Keys to Convenience for Gen Z and Millennials

Younger shoppers have a passion for convenience stores because they like to get food and gas in one stop. Many are just now breaking into the workforce, while some are still in college. This means they are both very busy and tasked with stretching their dollars. Known as the “snacking generation”, they most often head into convenience stores in the mid-afternoon, mostly between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., stopping on the way home from work. Try these 5 tips for c-store success to make sure you keep them coming back for more!

1. Keep it Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful

Convenience store food has undergone a remarkable transformation, and the ability to offer fast and fresh options that cater to the discerning palates of Millennials and Gen Z is a key factor in building relationships with them. From artisanal sandwiches to gourmet salads, these generations appreciate the convenience of quick, yet high-quality, meals that fit their busy lifestyles.


Tips for C-store Success - Harvest Salad Recipe
2. Cater to Diverse and Adventurous Tastes

Convenience stores have become a haven for those with diverse and adventurous taste buds. Millennials and Gen Z crave variety, and operations that offer an array of international snacks, fusion foods, and unique culinary experiments have the best chance of capturing their attention.


Tips for C-store Success - Mongolian Beef Burrito Recipe
3. Commit to a Culture of Snacks

The snacking culture has become a defining aspect of the millennial and Gen Z lifestyle. Having curated snack aisles filled with healthier options, gourmet treats, and on-the-go bites that cater to the desire for quick and satisfying nibbles between meals will help your business succeed.


Peanut Butter Banana Muffin Recipe
4. Check Your Tech

The seamless integration of technology plays a significant role in capturing the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z. Offering app-based ordering, in-store touch-screen menus, contactless payments and loyalty programs, and loyalty programs are all great ways to strongly appeal to the preferences of these digitally-driven generations.

Tips for C-store Success - technology
5. Share Local & Sustainable Options

Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly mindful of their environmental impact and the importance of supporting local businesses. By offering sustainable and locally sourced food options, it offers these generations a chance to make environmentally conscious choices even when opting for quick meals.

Tips for C-store Success -Share Local Products

The love that Millennials and Gen Z have for convenience store food goes beyond mere convenience; it’s a reflection of their dynamic and evolving lifestyles. From diverse culinary offerings to tech-savvy solutions and sustainability initiatives, convenience stores have become the unexpected heroes of modern, on-the-go food. As these generations continue to redefine food culture, remember that Affinity Group is always here to help your operation stay ahead of the curve by targeting opportunities and relationships that will help you discover your business’s full potential as you continue Building Your Bridge to Local Sales Success.