Affinity Group’s Post Covid Non-Commercial Recovery Survey Yields Interesting Results

Affinity Group, a North American-based team of professionals focused on providing the foodservice and food retail industry with sales support, planning and strategy, is excited to announce the results of their latest Thought Leadership Series Survey which focused on post covid non-commercial recovery.

Known for being a bridge to success when it comes to the foodservice and retail food channels, Affinity Group has their finger on the pulse of operators. From strategic sales planning and culinary solutions to consumer insight and training, this is the team in the know. So, it was easy for their team to interview 715 senior level foodservice operators for this in-depth look into the post pandemic climate.

“The economic and social changes caused by the pandemic have affected Non-Commercial segments in different ways. Some have ‘bounced back’ to pre-covid normal while others are dealing with a new reality,” says Affinity Group CEO, Enzo Dentico.

Some Key Takeaways from the Survey:

  • Reduced occupancy has impacted all segments, but work-from-home and remote education are an additional hit to Higher Ed and B&I segments.
  • Issues with supply chain and staffing are of equal concern to all segments, but Hospitality and B&I are far more concerned with inflation than Healthcare or Higher Ed.
  • The issue with improving labor challenges is that most operators have already instituted the near-in practices, the only lever remaining is increasing wage/benefits.
  • As new operators exit pandemic challenges, recipes and new products once again become top priorities for supplier assistance.

While non-commercial foodservice has recovered, the changes wrought by the pandemic create two distinct story lines. The first is that the pandemic cabin fever demand for travel and vacations is boosting Hospitality and the reopening of Healthcare facilities and Universities is creating a return to normal environment. The second is that the rapid expansion of the gig economy and work from home mean Business & Industry are resetting to a new normal.

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