Scratch Made Meal Tips

Build Your Bridge to Success from Scratch

There’s nothing like an operation that serves delicious home cooked, made from scratch meals. When you make each dish from scratch, you not only get to choose each ingredient, but you also have the power to choose the freshest, most seasonal products that are available to you at any given moment. This gives your operation the ability to be both creative and seasonal. But creating an entire menu from scratch daily can be incredibly daunting task – not only does it place stress on your kitchen and staff, but it also requires sourcing, storing, and measuring individual ingredients, not to mention extra time, space, and varying costs. Affinity Group is here with some tips and tricks for making the move to scratch made meals that’s both cost efficient and delicious.

Make Your Recipe Work for Multiple Methods

When working on recipe development, make sure to write different versions of the recipe to account for the different types of cooking equipment that will be used to make the menu item. Take roast turkey for example, the cook time might be completely different in a convection oven than in a combi oven, and not only is the cook time going to be different, but you’ll probably end up with a different yield as well. A convection oven has a very dry heat, and then a combi oven is providing moisture, so you get a plumper, usually better and more-moist final product.

Scratch Made Meal Tips - Chef opens oven
Make the Most Out of Bulk Ingredients

Consider ingredients that can be more than just one thing. For example, an ingredient like USDA ground chuck is perfect for making a variety of menu items. The ingredient makes its way into dishes such as nachos, burritos and tacos, as well as hamburger and chili.


Scratch Made Meal Tips - Walking Red Chile Taco Recipe

Use Prepared And Speed-Scratch Items

There are many advantages to speed-scratch cooking, and even high-end restaurants incorporate these items into their menus.

Speed scratch simply means using ready-made, or convenience, products and adding fresh ingredients to round out the meal. They allow you to make food from scratch without the time and labor involved. It also allows you to add a unique touch to dishes quickly and easily.

Connect with us to explore all the speed-scratch products that are available!

Get to Know the Local Hot Spots

As much as we’d like them to, not every piece of kitchen equipment always operates the same way so it’s important to understand exactly how your particular equipment operates on a day-to-day basis. For example, some older flattop grills have hot spots that everyone should be made aware of. To make sure food doesn’t come out under- or overcooked, make sure your staff understands and is aware of the different ways your equipment can cook depending on what they’re making.

Scratch Made Meal Tips - flat top grill
Just Do It

When you make the leap to offering scratch made items on the menu, sometimes you just have to trust yourself and jump right in and figure it out as you go. There’s always going to be someone that tells you how hard it’s going to be and how you can’t do it, but keep in mind that as with every opportunity comes hard work, and the same is true for serving scratch made meals. Take baby steps, incorporate one item, see how popular it is, incorporate another and so forth until you figure out an entire homemade menu that will make your customers want to move into your operation.

Scratch Made Meal Tips - guacamole

We Can Help You Build the Homemade Bridge that Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

Coming up with a made from scratch menu is a wonderful way to not only get customers coming into your restaurant, but a great way to keep them coming back for delicious, unique meals they know they can’t find anywhere else.  Remember that Affinity Group is always here with the in-depth knowledge ideas and trends you need to keep your business connected to your community.