Maximize Flavor With Minimal Labor


Building Your Bridge to Success with Less.

If you’re in the foodservice business, you’re well aware of the labor and product shortage facing the entire industry. Restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities are being forced to adjust their operating hours and adapt their menus on a moment’s notice. Affinity Group is here to help your operation with ideas and solutions that will you keep your business running smoothly during these uncertain times.

More Flavor with Less Labor

Cross-utilizing ingredients, employing speed-scratch cooking techniques and minimizing food waste are all great ways to maintain profitability and efficiency at your operation. As you navigate the waters of dependable staff during this labor shortage, utilizing products that save both time and money has never been more important. Recipes that focus on convenience may not have had a place on your menu in the past, but they can be a key ally in helping to improve consistency in your current kitchen. As you deal with the challenges of an understaffed kitchen, consider the value of products that help you maintain the standards of quality your customer’s demand.

4 Ways to Make Less Equal More

1. The Right Ingredients Make Everything Easier

When labor is scarce and cost savings couldn’t be more important, take advantage of versatile, convenient, and reliable ingredients with multiple applications to make sure you can stress less and increase efficiency.


Crab and Corn Salad with Old Bay Crema Recipe
4. Long Term Solutions

With the double whammy of operating while short staffed and meeting the consumer demand for high-quality ingredients continuing to rise, look no further than shelf-stable and freezer-friendly ingredients. You’ll find the solutions you need in convenient prepackaged formats.


Lobster Ceviche Recpie
3. Maximize Your Ingredients Potential

Racing against the clock for the ripening times of fresh fruit or having to train inexperienced staff should be the least of your worries. The most empowering part of every frozen or shelf stable product you purchase is that it allows you to maximize every ounce of your purchase—whenever you need it.


How to Promote Your Lent Menu - Crab Tator Tots
2. Better Safe than Sorry

Taking the risks of knife cuts and cross-contamination out of the equation with products that are precut and prepackaged will not only make your kitchen operations easier, it will help make it safer and more sanitary.


Lobster Roll Deviled Eggs Recipe

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