Digital Marketing Guide to Holiday Sales Success

Building Your Digital Marketing Bridge to Holiday Sales Success

As retail food marketers gear up to meet the 2022 holiday demand and beyond, they are once again looking for ways to keep up with the competition and fulfill pent-up consumer demand. Affinity Group has got you covered with some great ideas to supercharge your digital marketing strategy and grow your business into 2023.

1. Get on Board with Omnichannel Marketing

A hybrid form of retail that allows consumers to toggle quickly between multiple buying channels, Omnichannel shopping has officially exploded in the past two years. With a 50 percent increase in activity since the start of the pandemic with nearly half of those experiences leading to e-commerce purchases.

• Research shows that retailers using three or more channels in campaigns on average enjoy a purchase and engagement rate that is 250% higher than those using single-channel campaigns.

Omnichannel Grocery Trends
2. SMS is the Best

Short messaging service or “SMS” for short, is a perfect way to quickly notify your customers about flash sales, sale extensions, sale expirations, and other time-sensitive info. Sending exclusive offers via SMS makes them feel special, which is always important during the holiday season.

Digital Marketing Guide to Holiday Sales Success - SMS
3. Cut Down on the Cookies this Holiday

Due to Apple’s new mail privacy feature and the demise of third-party cookies, it’s more important than ever to mine first-party data for actionable insights. By making owned channels, such as email and SMS, a key component of your holiday marketing mix, you can offset your reliance on paid media and avoid overspending.

Digital Marketing Guide to Holiday Sales Success - Cookieless future
4. Email is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Email is still one of the most effective channels for holiday marketing. Beyond the fact that most online shoppers search their inboxes to find deals, the platform is tailor-made for personalization. It also gives brands an excellent opportunity to engage customers in a variety of effective methods including:

• Gift Guides
Holiday shopping is stressful, and consumers always appreciate a little help when it comes to picking out gifts. A holiday gift guide is a solid tactic for encouraging customer engagement and boosting sales.

• Kinetic Emails
Kinetic emails are interactive content that allows recipients to experience and engage with a brand’s website including adding items to a shopping cart without ever having to leave their inbox.

• Last Minute Sales for Last Minute Shoppers
Everyone knows that a significant portion of the population tend to put off their holiday shopping until right before Christmas every year. E-gift cards are particularly effective as ideal last-minute gift because they’re instantly delivered via email.

Digital Marketing Guide to Holiday Sales Success - emails
5. Ho-Ho-Hope for the Best…but Prepare for the Worst

The holiday season is always unpredictable, and brands and retailers must be prepared for the unexpected. While no marketing strategy is foolproof, you’ll have plenty of time to adjust if you prepare in advance. Make sure you:

• Closely monitor your campaigns after launch to make sure they are getting clicks.

• Review A/B tests daily so you can evaluate effectiveness and adjustments.

Create a holiday hashtag to help you track customers’ posts and monitor general campaign effectiveness.

• Have a response plan in place for unexpected tech issues such as website crashing or promo codes not working.

• Accommodate scrambling holiday shoppers with plenty of last-minute buying options.

Digital Marketing Guide to Holiday Sales Success - Hashtags

Jingle all the Way to the Bank on Your Bridge to Success

With a marketing strategy in place for the season and a backup plan ready to go just in case things aren’t going as expected, you’ll be in great shape to build your bridge to holiday sales success. Remember that Affinity Group is here to guide you every step of the way. Our talented team of sales and marketing pros are always ready to share the insider access and insights you need to succeed in today’s retail marketplace.