Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores

Build Your Digital Marketing Bridge to Retail Grocery Success

If there is one industry that’s thriving through the current economic crisis it’s retail grocery. But while opportunities are ripe for grocery stores to boost their business, the level of competition is fierce. Affinity Group is here with the tips you need to set up a digital marketing strategy that will help set your retail grocery business apart.

The Best Ways to Add More Customers to Your Online Cart

Set Up a Google My Business Page

Not sure what this is? Google it and you’ll quickly see how important it is to make your My Business Page a top priority. Not only will it become an integral part of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, but it’s also key to helping customers find you on Google Maps in local searches. For the thousands of customers per month who perform Google searches using the term “near me”, the retailers with a 100% completed My Business Page will be the ones with the best shot at reaching potential customers.

Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores - Google
Optimize for Online Sales

Revenue models have changed drastically since 2020. It’s no longer a luxury for grocery retailers to offer online sales, it’s expected. Convenience is the cornerstone of any successful grocery shopping experience so making sure your business adapts to the needs and wants of the modern shopper has never been more important. Providing an online shopping experience that includes points-based rewards and automatic reorders is a top priority.

Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores - seo
Put All Your Products on Your Page

Include a complete inventory of products by store location on your website. Not only is this good for its eCommerce potential but having a webpage for each SKU allows you to optimize your website with supportive content like product ingredients and features that help your products be found on Google search. You see, potential customers use very specific search terms to find products near them, such as “fresh pineapples near me” or “instant coffee near me”. Customers performing specific search are far more likely to buy. So having your website ready to sell goes a long way.

Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores - SKUS
Show Off Your Other Services

Grocery chains sell more than just groceries. If your location provides a service like catering, floral arrangement, carpet cleaning, on-site banking, on-site dining, automobile servicing, or anything else, it’s important to give each of your additional services separate webpages that are optimized for search and social media shares.

Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores - SERVICES
Start Selling Subscriptions

Building a loyal customer email list is critical to building a bridge to success for today’s grocery retailer. Fully stocked shelves and great in-store customer service will always be important but capturing the modern consumer means offering them opportunities for digital subscriptions. Points-based reward systems are already standard for grocery stores, but there are more ways than one to grab their online attention. Make it clear to users that by providing their email they will get exclusive access to online only coupons and flyers, exclusive subscriber access to free delivery, and access to new and high-demand product release dates.

Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores - EMAIL LIST

Remember that when it comes to building your bridge to retail grocery success, Affinity Group is always with you every step of the way. We have the in-depth knowledge you need to keep your brand connected to an entire community of resources and relationships that will help you drive sales and grow your business.