Dads & Grads: LTO Ideas for Restaurants

Build Your Bridge to Summertime Success with Dad & Grad LTOs

It may seem like summertime doesn’t offer the same opportunities for restaurant promotions that the winter months do with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But starting in May, restaurants have a golden opportunity to create LTOs for those looking to celebrate high school and college graduations, which begin typically in early May and run through June, and Father’s Day, which is in June.

‘Tis the Season to Celebrate Dads & Grads

Summer is almost here and coming up with great limited time offers centered around Father’s Day and recent high school and college graduates is a great way to kickstart summertime sales, test new menu items, and bring in new customers to your restaurant. From special menu items, to tailoring your LTOs around games, contests, and entertainment; Affinity Group has all the ideas you need to start your summer on a hot streak.

LTOs to Add More Grads

Food Truck

People will enjoy the convenience of having food brought to them which make renting a food truck for graduation season a great investment. Creating a smaller menu of 5 or 6 items and then driving your kitchen on wheels directly to the graduate’s house or banquet hall is a great way to get the party started.

Dads & Grads LTO Ideas - Food Truck

Make your restaurant a little livelier by hiring a DJ to play music on Friday and Saturday nights during graduation season. Establishing a youthful and energetic vibe is a great way to attract young people who look forward to celebrating their accomplishments.

Dads & Grads LTO Ideas - DJ
Free Desserts

Create a LTO where recent graduates receive a free dessert with their meal. It is a nice way to say congratulations to folks who just finished high school, college, trade school, or their advanced degree.

Dads & Grads LTO Ideas - Free Dessert

LTOs that Make Dads Glad

Get Out the Grill

Dad’s love grilling meat in their own backyards, so creating some special grilled menu items that they will want to try and duplicate in their own backyards throughout the summer is a great way to get on Dad’s good side.



Dads & Grads LTO Ideas for Restaurants Ribs
Live Trivia

Dad’s love a good competition, so why not offer a live trivia contest geared towards things dads know a lot about like sports, movies, history, and music. Add in some seasonal and limited time beer specials and you’ve got a surefire recipe for doing more business with dads.

Dads & Grads LTO Ideas - trivia
Live Music

Give dads dinner and a show. Offering live music is a great to make Father’s Day a little more fun for everyone’s favorite guy. Find a local band that covers classic songs from the ’70s, 80s, or the ’90s and create a unique and fun atmosphere inside your restaurant.

Dads & Grads LTO Ideas - live music

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Coming up with great restaurant promotions tailored around special events is great way to get customers into your restaurant and remember that Affinity Group is always here for you every step of the way with the insights and inspiration you need to Build Your Bridge to Success.