Food Packaging Trends

Top Takeout Packaging Trends to Build Your Bridge to Local Sales Success


Creating on-trend takeout packaging solutions for your business is a great way to start boosting your brand in your neighborhood. From selecting the right materials to embracing the latest trends to using strategic branding, your friends at Affinity Group are here with some helpful takeout tips that will make sure you keep your customers coming back for more.

Sustainable Solutions

Your customers want you to embrace sustainable packaging practices. According to recent surveys, approximately two-thirds of Americans are demanding sustainable packaging and clear labeling.

This means that single-use plastics and anything else that can’t be recycled is a no-no. Instead, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and even edible packaging is in. Many restaurants are already following suit, with McDonald’s announcing they would ditch foam packaging in 2018 and Starbucks testing greener coffee cups that are both recyclable and compostable.

Food Packaging Trends - Sustainable Solutions
Keep it Simple

Minimalism is a current trend that’s popular and present everywhere. Keeping it simple not only helps your brand communicate your core message and increase awareness with customers, it’s also a material savvy, cost-effective, and potentially more environmentally friendly packaging solution.

By rebranding its takeout packaging with a modern, minimalistic design aesthetic, Burger King was one of the first big restaurant brands to embrace the trend. Make sure your business stays ahead of the curve by avoiding cluttered designs and busy color palettes. Also make sure to remove any irrelevant information from your packaging, and only include the essentials.

Food Packaging Trends - Keep it Simple
Add a Personal Touch

To stay ahead of the competition, many brands are personalizing their packaging.
Personalization offers many benefits for companies, chief among them – it helps restaurant staff learn the names of regulars which creates a stronger emotional connection with their customers. This is especially important now that consumers are increasingly ordering through third-party apps, instead of directly from restaurants.

Personalized packaging offers one of the few opportunities to speak directly to customers ordering takeout and delivery and show them how much they’re appreciated. It’s a big bonus if customers end up sharing the personalized packaging on social media, by giving restaurants free word-of-mouth positive marketing.

Food Packaging Trends - Add a Personal Touch

Recipes That Travel Well for Delivery

Make it Easy

Today’s customers have busy lifestyles that demand convenience. Creating convenient carryout solutions for your customers can make a surprising impact on increasing your takeout orders. This means your food delivery packaging should be lightweight, easy to carry, and resealable. For example, if you’re a restaurant that specializes in noodles, make sure your takeout packaging includes a convenient handle at the top.

Food Packaging Trends - Make it Easy
Show Them Who You Are

Packaging provides the perfect opportunity for customers to interact with your brand. At a bare minimum, you should be including your company name or logo on the packaging so that your brand is visible to anyone who sees it. Packaging is also a tremendously powerful way to show your customers what you care about and why they should care about you.

By including your branding on your takeout packaging, you’re helping the customer associate the food they’re eating with your specific restaurant and not with a food delivery app. With stronger brand recognition, that customer is more likely to order directly from your restaurant in the future.

Food Packaging Trends - Show Them Who You Are
Takeout Packaging Checklist

Does your packaging have a positive or negative impact on your brand?
Making sure the answer is always “yes” to these questions will make sure you’re on the
right track.

• Does your packaging align with your brand image?
• Does the information on the packaging properly communicate your brand identity?
• Does the packaging speak to your audience?
• Does your packaging include relevant information such as ways to interact with your website or social media channels?

Food Packaging Trends - Takeout Packaging Checklist

From protecting your food to creating sustainable solutions for the environment to helping promote your brand, the right takeout packaging offers many benefits for your business. If you’re ready to reach your restaurant’s full potential, the passionate team of experts at Affinity Group is always ready to share the in-depth expertise around packaging trends and insights you need to Build Your Bridge to Local Sales Success.