How to Become the Ultimate Mother’s Day Destination

When it comes to the biggest day for dining out, Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year. Every year, nearly 90 million adults plan to dine out for Mother’s Day. Most diners are ready to spend big to make sure the most important lady in their lives has a great experience. From signature drinks to prix-fixe menus to live entertainment, Affinity Group is here with the ideas and inspiration you need to make certain all roads lead to your operation on Mother’s Day.

Whether they’re dining out or ordering in, Mother’s Day is the perfect holiday to generate big business your operation – follow our 11 tips to build your bridge to Mother’s Day success!

1. Serve Up a Signature Drink

For one day only, have your bartenders whip up something special for all the moms coming in. If you don’t want to change up your drink menu, offer what you have at a discounted rate or a fixed price for a bottomless drink.


Spicy Mary Recipe - Mother’s Day Destination
2. A Small Gift Can Make a Big Impact

Treating all the mothers who dine with you to a small gift is a great way to set the tone for a special experience. Consider offering a complimentary rose to all the moms who dine with you.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - gift
3. Offer a Takeout/Delivery Menu

Not everyone may be comfortable dining in this year. Make sure families can enjoy your food at home too by offering a to-go Mother’s Day menu.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - takeout
4. Consider the Kids

With moms come kids. Consider creating a supervised kid’s area that comes fully equipped with fun things for kiddos to do. This will help moms relax and enjoy their special experience. Not offering dine-in? Create a few kid-friendly dishes for your Mother’s Day takeout menu.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - kids menu
5. Prix Fixe Menu

Nearly half of the diners coming to your restaurant for Mother’s Day will be coming for dinner. Setting up a special prix fixe menu for dinner is a great Mother’s Day promotion idea for your restaurant. Both parties’ benefit from this: Customers get a delicious new meal to try, and you get a streamlined dinner service to help with the influx of diners.


Simplified Coquilles Saint-Jacques Recipe
6. Get Social

Whether you’re open for dine-in or offering pickup and delivery, sharing your Mother’s Day restaurant promotions on social media is a great way to get the word out.

Mother’s Day - social media
7. Bring in Entertainment

Bringing in special entertainment can be a huge selling point for your restaurant on Mother’s Day. If you’re not able to safely offer live music and entertainment this year, there are plenty of other days to liven up the mood. Consider creating a playlist to pair with your Mother’s Day specials and share the link on social media as well as those who order online.

Mother’s Day - live music
8. Don’t Limit Your Dates

You don’t have to only celebrate on one day. Moms are busy people so consider having Mother’s Day restaurant specials running before or after the date. This could help thin out the crowds and further boost your sales.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - weekend
9. Support a Good Cause

Pairing your Mother’s Day dining event with a good cause is a great way to bring in diners. There are great charity options out there that are even tied to motherhood, such as Every Mother Counts or Carry the Future – consider one of those.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - good cause
10. Bring Mom Back for More Business

Offer a small gift card or discount to moms coming in. If they have a great experience, this can help drive traffic back to your restaurant long after the holiday ends.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - coupon
11. Partner with a Mom Friendly Local Business

Is there a yoga studio, salon or clothing boutique near you that’s popular? Partner with local businesses to up the ante on your offering. Maybe a package that includes brunch to-go and a manicure?

Mother’s Day Restaurant Destination - partner

Mother’s Day is an amazing opportunity to create a big-time sales boost for your business. Remember that Affinity Group is always here with the insights and inspiration you need to serve up that special experience that only a mother could love.

Happy Mother’s Day!