How to Promote Your Lent Menu

“Lent” Us Your Ears for Tips on How to Promote Your Lent Menu


March marks the start of the Lent calendar for your Catholic customers. According to research, nearly ¼ of the population observe Lent and nearly half of that same population also eat fish on Fridays. Affinity Group is here to help you promote your menu, create some new menu ideas and boost your marketing during Lent.

Serve Up Something New

Now is the perfect time to get innovative with new LTO Lent ideas that will let you serve up something besides the same old fish and chips everyone else is serving. Crab cakes, lobster and sushi are all great ways to promote your Lent menu and offer something new to a crowd looking for something delicious and different. This is the perfect time to test out new menu offerings, who knows? By taking a little extra time to track your sales of your new menu items, you may find a winner that becomes a year-round signature on your menu.


How to Promote Your Lent Menu - Crab Tator Tots
Show it Off on Social

Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your new Lent menu options. If you’re already active on social media, start promoting your new menu with enticing, high quality photos of your new Lent menu offering. Generate even more buzz by promoting special pricing or coupons to your social media fans that follow you.

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How to Promote Your Lent Menu - Social Media
Say it with Style

The more appetizing you can make your Lent dishes sound, the more you’ll sell. For example: would you rather eat fish sticks with tartar sauce, or a fresh caught fried perch tossed in a special blend of artisanal seasonings served with a house-made tartar sauce? And don’t forget to include buzz words that appeal to today’s consumers – words like “local,” “fresh,” “artisanal,” “sustainable,” all have a way of bringing in business.


How to Promote Your Lent Menu - Southern Ckik'n biscuit
Connect with the Congregation

Reaching out to local Catholic churches and asking to advertise in their weekly and monthly newsletters is a great way to spread the good news about and promote your Lent menu. Offering Lent coupons that promote family-style meals is also a great way to bring in larger groups that will help you drive February and Mach Lent Sales. The key is to remain creative while being respectful of a religion that over 66 million Americans practice.


How to Promote Your Lent Menu - Vegan Salisbury Steak

Remember that making sure to include meatless options on your menu is a great way to drive traffic and profits for your operation during Lent. Stay connected to Affinity Group for more ideas to make sure you keep Building Your Bridge to Success all year long.