Mastering Mocktail Menus

­­Building Your Bridge to Mocktail Menu Success

Today’s consumers are demanding more and more alcohol-free options that are both innovative and refreshing. The mocktail – a mixed drink without the booze is becoming an increasingly important addition go today’s cocktail menus. Affinity Group has you covered with the ideas and inspiration you need to serve up a mocktail that raises your customers spirits without serving them any actual spirits

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Classic Mocktails

There are several widely known mocktails out there that pretty much everyone already knows. Giving these drinks a unique twist could be a great place to start when creating your operation’s mocktail menu options.

  • Arnold Palmer

This classic iced tea and lemonade combo makes for a refreshingly familiar beverage. Mix it up by creating a jazzed-up version featuring a jasmine green tea flavor to create fruity, floral notes and a subtle, refreshing taste. Throw in different types of juice like mango or passionfruit for a tropical take.

  • Shirley Temple

The mocktail of all mocktails, practically everyone who ever dined out with their parents as a kid knows this one. Known for going overboard on the sugary sweetness, try a less saccharine version with real pomegranate juice instead of grenadine and experiment with the ginger ale and lemon-lime soda ratio. Another option is to add orange juice for a citrus tang.

  • Virgin Bloody Mary

A version of the classic Bloody Mary cocktail minus the booze, is all about the skewer. Transform them into an entire meal by adding bacon, shrimp, or even mini hamburgers. To add something new to the tomato-based beverage itself, try a little hot honey for a sweet & spicy kick. Go green by using green tomatoes or tomatillos as the base of the mixer.

Mocktail Innovation

Mocktail Mixology Essentials

Mocktails have the potential to be a whole lot more than just juice with a fancy umbrella in it – they’re increasingly complex, with herbal notes and flavorful syrups that offer the taste of a real cocktail without the booze. Stock your bar with these key ingredients to stay ahead of the creative curve.

  • Ginger

In addition to soothing muscle pain, boosting the immune system, and supporting heart health, ginger mimics alcohol’s bite. Ginger beer and ginger ale is a common base for virgin beverages. Ginger juice can be combined with apple cider vinegar, honey, and water to make a delicious switchel for fruity mocktails.

  • Citrus

The vitamin C in citrus supports immune health and nourishes the skin. Lemons, berries, and other citrus fruits have the bitterness and acidity of alcohol, making them a great addition to mocktails.

  • Kombucha

Though it has trace amounts of alcohol, kombucha has become a popular substitute for hard beverages because of Its sophisticated taste, slight acidity, and variety of flavors. These three ingredients—grated ginger, muddled citrus fruits, and kombucha—combined make the perfect mocktail.



Mocktail Tips & Tricks

Whether it’s to prepare for Dry January or simply cater to the growing demands of your mocktail clientele, creating flavorful zero-proof concoctions is easier with these quick tips to elevate your non-alcoholic menu options.

  • Ratio for Repeat Orders

Simply taking the alcohol out of a cocktail could mess with the flavor. One mocktail ratio to try is four parts base (like soda or iced tea), one-half part sweet, and one part sour.

  • The Name Game

Everyone likes a cheeky drink name. Mocktails provide plenty of inspiration for clever names. Who can resist a “no”jito?

  • Timing is Everything

Encourage consumers to try out the non-alcoholic menu by having sober happy hours or offering special deals.


Mocktail inspiration is everywhere. The cucumber in the crisper drawer, the salt on the spice rack, the honey in the pantry—just about anything can be used to make the perfect booze-free drink. Keep in mind that Affinity Group and our talented team of experts are always here with the in-depth knowledge of the foodservice industry you need to help Build Your Bridge to Success.