how to drive daypart sales

Build Your Bridge to Success by Driving Traffic to Daypart


Searching for the perfect way to drive sales? From retail to foodservice, whatever your operation is, it definitely pays to focus on the high profit margins of daypart. If you’re wondering which food items work best in which dayparts, Affinity Group has got you covered with the inside scoop on the perfect items to power up your profit center at breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between snack times.

Hear from our experts:

Make it a Hearty Party

When it comes to lunch and dinner, most customers are looking for a substantial meal they can count on to fill them up. Driving daypart sales for these meal periods by offering a hearty sandwich like this Pastrami Pepper Melt is not only great way to satisfy hungry customers, but is also a great way to save time and labor with fully cooked, ready to serve ingredients. Roller grill items like hot dogs and taquitos are also incredibly popular with customers at both lunch and dinner.


How to Drive Daypart Sales - Pastrami Pepper Melt ​Recipe
The Fast Crowd

Some customers might just be looking for food they can consume quickly and easily on their lunchbreak. When driving daypart sales, it comes to speed and portability. Lunch customers strongly prefer grab-and-go food items like bowls, chicken wings and chicken nuggets/tenders and of course classic sandwiches and wraps.


Thai Coconut Red Curry Bowl Recipe
Start the Day in a Delicious Way

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, and many customers that enjoy daypart say they appreciate starting their day with a hot meal. From grab and go breakfast sandwiches to easy to eat omelet bites, it always helps driving daypart sales by getting creative if you really want your operation to break through the clutter of the breakfast crowd. This Cornbread Waffle with Candied Bacon is a perfect example of a delightfully delicious way to help your customers start their day.


How to Drive Daypart Sales - Cornbread waffle & candied bacon Recipe

All Day Everyday

The biggest opportunity in driving daypart sales is snacks, which is an all-encompassing category that stretches from early morning to late night. A “snack” can mean different things to different people with 61% of consumers saying they consider any food consumed outside of traditional meal periods a snack. For some, a snack is just a smaller portion size. Consider offering sliders or a mini sandwich. Handheld items like pizza and corndogs are also an easy sell. Be sure to bundle that snack with an appropriate beverage for a happier customer and a bigger average check.


Versatile Ingredients Bar and Kitcen - Chicken Sliders

The In-Depth Daypart Knowledge You Need to Succeed.


When it comes to making sure you’re maximizing sales across all dayparts, remember that Affinity Group is here to help you Build Your Bridge to Success. Our seasoned team of foodservice and retail sale pros are always ready to share the strategic sales planning expertise you need to put your operation in a position to succeed.