2023 Food Industry Trends

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Build Your Bridge to Success with our pick of 2023’s Biggest Food Industry Trends


From vegetarian-izing your menu to the impact of color at your operation to the next generation of ready to eat foods; Affinity Group has you covered with a preview of our picks for the biggest food industry trends of 2023.

Stay tuned because our talented team of culinary experts will be here to help you stay up to date with a winning plan all year long as we take a deeper dive into each of these amazing insights each month.


Adventure in Plant-forward

Every year more and more people are choosing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, and we want to help you appeal to their dietary desires with some delicious insights that will help make your operation a daily destination.



The Benefits of Going Back to Basics

It’s always fun to try new recipes, but it’s tough to beat a classic. Take a trip back in time as we explore the simple and delicious appeal of the nostalgic flavors of yesteryear and how today’s consumers are craving them.



Afternoon Delight

Sometimes lunch has to be on-the-go instead of at the table. We got plenty of ideas on you can help serve up a simple snack that’s packed with the protein and nutrients your customers need to feel like they ate a full meal.



Cash In on Alcohol Free Options

Demand for non-alcoholic drinks has exploded in recent years due to a rise in product quality as well as a broader public interest in decreasing alcohol intake. Get the inside scoop on the incredible range of options you can offer.



Ethnic Fusion

2023 is shaping up to be another big year for street food! From Mediterranean to Caribbean, street food fusion is continuing to gain popularity so stay tuned to serve up the flavors that will be right up your customer’s alley.



Impact of Color

Does color influence taste and flavor perception? Join us as we explore in depth how color affects your customer’s appetite and the food the food they choose.



The Total Package

When it comes to food that’s eaten on the go, how it’s packaged can play a critical role in how satisfying it is to eat. Discover all the ways great packaging can help your operation keep your customers coming back for more.



Live, Staff, Love

Over the last few years, restaurant staff culture has found itself in flux and changing fast. Discover how both technology and employees are shaping the future of how we work together.



Breakfast is Back!

From grabbing a bite to eat for breakfast on the road to sitting down at their favorite diners, it appears consumers may be returning to their pre-pandemic breakfast habits. Get the inside scoop on the best ways to stay ahead of the curve when you serve up the first meal of the day.



How to Start from Scratch Fast

How many hours does your staff spend prepping stocks and braising liquids? How quickly can you add flavor complexity to your sauces and soups? If you’re looking to trim time and labor costs, read our insights into how speed scratch cooking can keep your kitchen running smoothly.



Streamline Your Menu in Style

With supply chain issues and staffing shortages profit margins in restaurants are tighter than ever. From shrinking your menus to cross utilization, we have the insider insights your operation needs to know to stay successful.



The Next Generation of Ready to Eat Meals

As more and more millennials and Gen Z begin to have families of their own, the demand for ready to eat foods is exploding! From meals made with minimal food additives and preservatives to the power of sustainable packaging, we got you covered on what you can do to feed the next generations’ ready to eat needs with speed.



As we close out the end of the year, the entire team at Affinity Group wants to wish you prosperous new year! Remember that Affinity Group’s experience in all aspects of the foodservice and retail industry make us the perfect partner to help you grow your brand and drive results for your business as you continue to build your bridge to success in 2023!